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Mission Profile Trip Calculator

 Trip Calculator point to point educational astronomy project
Single interactive HTML page, animated Javascript, JQuery,
Math functions, multiple dbase with images, educational astronomy project

Trip Calculator Access

* Audio Active     No Audio
* Firefox, Chrome and Edge's super stupid security stops starting sounds. For those browsers, you will get a pop-up alert. Just click the [Close] button and that lets the browser play the super cool, opening audio effects. Once in a while you get a music opening.

(Try saying the first part above, 3 times quickly.)

Family Tree site - add a layer to allow Audio / Video Playback

Member only access, advanced animation, Javascript, jQuery, html5 audio / video player

Custom family tree project

Audio / Video Collection Player demo, auto resizes mobile, tablets and browsers, continuously responsive with orientation flips

Audio video thumbnail player

Audio / Video Collection Player

JPlayer Audio with collections and images

Audio player with custom images
Custom Audio Player - of the CD Pink Drink by George Grosman
George's site

Home theater planner & calculator

Find viewing angles, recommended TV sizes and resolutions for seat distances

Home theater calculator

Try it out

Social Video Site
Members Thumbnail controls

PHP, LAMP Stack, MySQL Dbase Admin, Web Engineer, 200+ Back-End modifications, Front-End design, Video, Responsive, Cross Browser, Admin and User templates in Smarty toolkit, security features.
(The original site is now closed.)

PopModal flash video Clip-Share site

Social Video Site

Responsive pages that automatically adjust from tablets to smart phones (now closed)

Responsive page
Demo page

Musician's Site

Musician's Custom CSS site
Musician's Custom CSS site
Custom coding CSS / JPlayer / JavaScript / audio / video

Gallery Site

Impressionst Gallery site
Custom site using CSS / JavaScript / Google Maps / Bing Maps / Web Cam

Pixel aspect ratio calculator

Black Bar Player Demo

  1. Image black bars update when you change the Target Pixel Aspect Ratio.
  2. Choose how often the background image changes.
  3. Insert an online image.
  4. Move the image up or down under the black bars.
  5. Pick videos examples and try different aspect ratios.
  6. Play online videos under the adjustable black bars.
  7. Find best video pixel sizes for encoding.
Pixel aspect Calculator for avidemux software

Pixel aspect ratio calculator — try it out

Science - Simulation 3D Fly-Through

Buy the Ray Lynch music from this video
Example lesson #11 - Destinations

 Illustrated Starship Simulator Guide 1.0 - Right click - Save as File

Project launch page

Single web page using Google maps API, Javascript, JQuery and UI, HTML5, CSS, Audio / Video Player

Social Video Site - Livedigital.com (now closed)

6th largest U.S. video site in 2007
Featuring HD and customizable CSS, PHP, AJAX,
Full custom templates for user and channel pages

Video demo #1:

Video mock-up example #1 - Click to watch
Alizee - Fifty - Sixty

Project Manager, Interactive Web Developer, PHP, QA, PERL, MySQL, JavaScript, JSON, JPlayer, Flash, Motion Graphics, GUI input, but not coder

Video demo #2:

Video mock-up example #2 - Click to watch
Serebro - Dirty Kiss Video

Musicians credits: Serebro's Official Site
Purchase Serebro Music

Livedigital.com Group Collection page examples

LD Main Page

LD Main Page

LD Main Page

Click to enlarge (the site is now closed)

LD Main Page

LD Main Page

LD Main Page

     Visionary Productions Blu-ray High Definition Official Authoring