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Why Get a Web Site?

  • Showcase yourself, your skills and interests
  • Sell your services or products online
  • Sell your music online
  • Give you more control over the pages than available in blog sites
  • Get your own domain name
  • Sell your business and services
  • Get unlimited email addresses at your own domain

    Consulting and Web design are $50 / hr
    (updates are billed only for minutes used)

    Reduced rates available for some .org sites.

    Deferred payment plans available for musicians.

Video social media site using Clip-Share

Web Sites


(Web sites with domains are required)

Personal/Small Business

Setup $350

Good for business up to about $2.5K monthly sales


Setup $650

Mid size businesses - no online sales

Business Advanced

Setup $1500

Business sites with online sales or social networking video sharing sites

Pull down or Tab menus

Available Available Available

HTML Tables

Available Available Available

Image Gallery

Available Available Available

Audio Playback

Available Available Available

Video Embed

Available Available Available

Video Conversion


Available Available

Search Engine Optimization


Available Available

Flash Animation Top Page


Available Available

CSS site


Available Available

Database / Catalog design

Basic - manually updated

Basic - manually updated


Shopping Cart





Available Available Available

Credit Card Sales

(Not automated - sales via email)

Available Available Available

Credit Card Sales

(Automated online payments)


Available Available

Song Passcode Downloader


Clip-Share Sites

Video social network site modifications




on new or existing site

Server Admin

Available Available Available

Marketing Online Consulting

  • Add company statement, product info, specials and promote your site.
  • Add original content info to raise your site's ranking in Search Engines
  • Offer monthly and weekly specials
  • Create a mailing list to your customers
  • Set up emails for your domain and offer secure email response pages
  • Add customer testimonials and list for Yelp and other online reviews
  • Advertise your products online
  • Create complementary sites on Facebook and Twitter
  • Optimize all web pages for speed and code
  • Register with all major search engines and add sitemaps

Google Webmaster Tools

Video social media site using Clip-Share - single video playback page

How it all works

  • Why are there different types of web sites?
  • What's the difference between HTML tables and a CSS site?
  • What does Javascript do?
  • What is possible to do with audio?
  • What is possible to do with video?
  • What is streaming audio & video from my own site dufferent than using 3rd party players from other sites?
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • How does Flash Animation work?
  • What is the difference between catalog basic and automated?
  • How does the shopping cart work?
  • Explain the online payment types
  • What's the difference between selling songs with the Passcode song downloader and ITunes or Bandcamp?
  • What is Clip-Share?
  • Why do I need server admin consulting?

  • Why are there different types of web sites?

  • At Produce Release, we only do direct code web sites and do support blogs or template type websites such as WordPress, CMS, Druple or Joomla.
  • Direct code control allows complete design of the look and features in the site. Most all large Internet sites are down in this way.
  • There are pages that do not change often and are always edited and updated by request
  • You may have a portion of any page in the site to be connected to another blog, Wordpress or a Facebook Fan site that you own. This is like a window inside your main web site to the other site where you have the control to update the information. WHen you update the remote site, changes are automatically updated in your main web site.
  • For very large sites with catalog of products greater than 200 items or a social networking membership type site, the Advanced Business Site package at Produce Release can set you up with active pages that you can change and update. It also can sort and group different products, create a shopping cart and allow membership.

  • What's the difference between HTML only and a CSS site?

    HTML with tables takes much less time to setup. The margins of the pages will vary a little with different browsers. This page is an example of an HTML with tables page.

    CSS (Style Sheet) type pages are much more exact and every area on the page can be controlled. The main page at Produce Release and the Passcode Song Downloader pop-up page are examples of all CSS style pages.

    What does Javascript do?

  • Expanded and automated menus
  • Photo galleries
  • Image sliders
  • Pop-up areas
  • Other animations

  • What is possible to do with audio?

    Audio playback is often through a third party site, where you load your audio, song clips and then use their plug in players to load into your web page. These can look great and have nice features. They often can have pop-up ads or other promotions. If the remote site is busy or down, audio will stop on your site. At Produce Release, these apps can be put in anywhere on your pages, but you need to administer the remote account. Changes to audio and playback are then controlled by you and should not incur any additional charges from Produce Release, once the player is set up on a page.

    Audio can play directly from your site and we can set this up. You have options over the audio edit, you get higher quality, playback, any sequence and even have the option to sell your songs online with passcodes. All changes and updates are handled by email request and you are charged an hourly rate.

    What is possible to do with video?

    This can be very confusing because there are so many types of video. If you own the video, you should always try to submit a master copy of the video. This is a very large file and should be about 1 GB / minute in uncompressed format .mov, .avi. Other file types that can be the master are .dv, mpeg2, or tape formats HDCam, SR, HDD5, DVC Pro HD and HDV. Other formats, DVD or blu-ray videos are not masters.

    Video work is billed by the hour so it is often a good idea and much cheaper, to find the master instead of asking to fix a non-master copy. Pulling a decent quality copy from a DVD is possible, but requires about 3 hours work for a 4 minute video.

    What is streaming audio & video from my own site dufferent than using 3rd party players from other sites?

      Besides audio, there are video playback players and 3rd party maps. You can also reserve an area on one of your web pages to include a window from Facebook, Flicker, or a blog. As you change your account page in the other service, the window area in your web site will update.

      If you want to playback video or shows images with no ads, you should set up the content to come from your own web site, instead of a third party site.

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Extra search engine update steps and registration with search engine sites improves your ranking at each search engine. You will also receive tips on what you can add to your site to improve it's ranking.

    How does Flash Animation work?

    Produce Release contracts out for all flash animation. You may bring your own flash to be added to the site or have our recommended outside contractor design something for you. Flash animation is added per page to your site.

    What is the difference between catalog basic and automated?

    Both look the same. Catalog basic has product updated manually per page. You send email with pricing, text, images and instructions and we add it to your pages. Automated allows you to do it yourself and also allows search and sorting.

    How does the shopping cart work?

    You need an Advanced Business web site with a dbase setup and running. Shopping cart software is available for purchase. Pay-Pal integration has their own shopping cart options. Credit card charging requires a heightened secure dbase and government regulations require you have secure steps in place and liability insurance. Many businesses use a third party shopping cart site to avoid this extra cost until your sales reach at least $1000 profit per month.

    Explain the online payment types

    1. Customer clicks on the shop and goes to a third party site where you store is setup.
    2. Customer goes to one shopping page, selects items to buy and processes their order with Pay-Pal or third party credit card online sales.
    3. Customer goes to multiple shopping pages, uses a shopping cart to buy and clears Pay-Pal or credit card purchase through the third party.
    4. Customer goes to multiple shopping pages, uses a shopping cart and clears through your own credit card clearing service on your site.
    5. Customer picks a downloadable product; music, book, software, video. Pays either via Pay-Pal, sends you a check. After you confirm payment you email the customer a passcode that they will use to download the product.
    6. Customer picks a downloadable product, pays via Pay-Pal or Credit card. Passcodes are forwarded automatically when payment is confirmed.

    What's the difference between selling songs with the Passcode song downloader and ITunes or Bandcamp?

    1. You must be a signed artist for ITunes and the profit sharing is from 35% to some claim up to 80%. Bandcamp limits percentage to about 15% revenue share plus processing fees.
    2. Passcode song downloader costs about 50 CD album sales to set up previews and downloads for all songs and the total album. You can use up to 320 Kbps MP3, Flac up to master quality and Wav files.

      You take in cash, checks, pay-pal, credit card payments from clients and send them the passcodes for downloading songs from your web site. At a gig or concert, you can also hand out stickers for cash for any song or the entire album. All cash and checks are 100% profit to you. You pay for any fees from Pay-Pal or credit cards. There is 0% revenue sharing with the Passcode Song Downloader.

    What is Clip-Share?

    A You-Tube lite software that allows members to share and post videos.

    Why do I need server admin consulting?

    Server admin fixes problems, sets-up site security, does backups, adds new services, sets up a mail server, updates software. This is an hourly fee service.