SGC, a 4 dimensional galactic Coordinate system

What is SGC?

3D Stellar Chart

 A simple explanation...

 SGC (Shuster Galactic Coordinate) is a system that allows you to view star positions in 3 dimensions and keep track automatically of deviations caused by the vast distances between the stars.

 The main difficulty in resolving these deviations is that the adjustment is slightly different from every point in the coordinate system. Sounds complicated, well yes, but the end result makes a lot of the work much easier and SGC resolves this in a very dynamic way.

Local Sirius View

  • Imagine this, you book a passage to Sirius, a double star system about 9 light years away. Your navigator, Celeste, takes a good look at Sirius and fixes it's position exactly. Now stop and consider. Celeste is looking at Sirius 9 lights away, this means 9 years in the past. She is not seeing Sirius where it is now but where it was 9 years ago. Considering that many stars travel at speeds of greater than 100 miles per second this problem can become rather huge in 9 years.