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Web design - Back-end server Content Management

  • Produce release has experience setting up and modifying PHP, MySql queries and bug fixing for the site PopModal (now closed) which used the Clip-share software.
  • PHP - Dynamic Web page design
  • MySQL - Relational Database supporting PHP pages
  • HTML Template creation

  • LAMP Stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP - Combined to create dynamic web pages
  • AJAX - Update smaller part of a web page without updating the whole page
  • Zend - Object oriented software to update PHP sites

Combining the above software allows a web site to become dynamic and create new pages on the fly. For social networking, this is key to success. A new member can join and immediately a private area, profile and new collection of images of videos can be created for that user to share with the rest of the members on the site.

Example advanced content managements sites are Facebook, MySpace, YouTube which use PHP or similar custom dynamic page creation software.