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Passcode Song Downloader - Help

Song Preview Controls

  • Rewind, play, pause, forward, stop click and drag timeline to play later in the song, click and drag or click on speakers to raise or lower volumn
  • Song currently playing

  • Song with square list button
  • Song under the mouse cursor

  • Song that is highlighted. Clicking with the mouse will jump directly to that preview.
  • Change audio type for download

  • Switches between MP3, Wav, Flac if set up for multiple formats
  • Enter Passcode for each song

  • Enter passcode with correct capitalization. There are different passcodes for each song.
  • Enter Passcode for entire CD

  • Also capitalization is important. One passcode can download the entire CD collection.
  • Press button to download

  • If the passcode is correct, the button will start the download.
  • Send email for CD Purchase

  • Order CD may be set to send an email or jump to payment like Pay-Pal or Credit Card clearance. (Payment options are third party software installation - not done by Produce Release)