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Passcode Song Downloader - Help

Song Preview Controls

  • Rewind, play, pause, forward, stop click and drag timeline to play later in the song, click and drag or click on speakers to raise or lower volumn
  • Song curenntly playing

  • Song with square list button
  • Song under the mouse cursor

  • Song that is highlighted. Clicking with the mouse will jump directly to that preview.
  • Change audio type for download

  • Switches between MP3, Wav, Flac if set up for multiple formats
  • Enter Passcode for each song

  • Enter passcode with correct capitalization. There are different passcodes for each song.
  • Enter Passcode for entire CD

  • Also capitalization is important. One passcode can download the entire CD collection.
  • Press button to download

  • If the passcode is correct, the button will start the download.
  • Send email for CD Purchase

  • Order CD may be set to send an email or jump to payment like Pay-Pal or Credit Card clearance. (Payment options are third party software installation - not done by Produce Release)

  • If you get this pop-up warning in Internet Explorer and cannot immediately play the song previews


    To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restircted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could
    access your computer. Click here for options..."


    You can safely click for options and allow the content each time or:

    To turn this off?

    1. Internet Options / Advance/ Security section / Check box "Allow active content to run in file on My Computer"
    2. Restart Internet Explorer