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Why release in Flac audio?

  • Very popular around the world and even exceeds Apple IPod in popularity outside of the USA
  • Lossless audio means uncompressed back to original quality
  • Flac audio files will play on many portable players
  • Flac will also play on Windows with WinAmp and other software
  • Ability to playback master recording quality often available at 96 MHz or even 192 MHz up to 24 bit or 32 bit float.
  • Many audiophile sites for classic, jazz and vocals favor Flac recordings and will repost your press releases
  • Join the club of Flac quality release groups: The Beatles, David Byrne, Pearl Jam, Keith Jarrett, Jerry Garcia, Norah Jones...

  • Downloadble examples

    Flac players: WinAmp for Windows - Vox for Mac

    Compare MP3 to Flac Master quality 96MHz

    Rimsky Korsakov Snow Maiden excerpt

    Minnesota Orchestra / Eiji Que

  • MP3 44 MHz 192 kbps ITunes quality (582 Kb)
  • Flac 96 MHz 2767 kbps 24 bit Lossless compression 60%
    (8.4 MB)