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Passcode Song Downloader - FAQ

Sell your music and get 100% of the profits, after setup costs

  • Why pay to sell your music online and give up profits, everytime a song is sold?
  • Why not have your entire song collection for sale in every concert, including all your new work, without having to burn new CD's?
  • Why not print a sheet of stickers that grants access to a song or CD collection? It's like printing money and is exactly what your fans with smart phones and MP3 players want.
  • Why not release your songs in higher quality MP3 at 320 Kbps or Flac and get noticed by all the audio online communities that follow these formats?
  • Why not get about $6,400 more, when you sell 1000 collections, than if you sold them on Amazon?

Here's how it works

      1) Order the Passcode Song Downloader for a song collection

  • You order a Passcode Song Downloader for your web site and send either a CD or better, master to our office in Los Angeles. You may also drop the files to a secure site online.
  • We setup your website with a Passcode Song Downloader page.
  • You get sticker printout pages that lets you sell individual songs or the entire album to your fans.

      2) Sell your songs

  • At a gig, you sell stickers and collect payment directly from your audience.
  • You can also accept Visa / Master Card service on your smartphone (not affiliated with the Passcode Song Downloader).
  • You can use Pay-Pal buttons, as well as passcodes. (Selling your music through Pay-pal payment will add Pay-Pal fees.)
  • On your web site, you can accept checks, or other payments and send your clients passcodes via email.

      3) Your fans download your songs

  • The sticker can use a bar code that automatically sends smart phones to the Passcode Song Downloader page. Or your fans can just enter in the web address on the sticker.
  • They find the song or collection and enter the passcode from the sticker.
  • If the passcode is correct, the download will begin. If not, they get an error page with a 'Go back' button.
  • PayPal buttons - basic button notification use is included with the Passcode Song Downloader. You need your own PayPal account. Pay-Pal notifies you of sales. You must send emails to buyers with download info to complete the sale. Remember, if you sell passcodes the user does not need to use the PayPal buttons.
  • PayPal buttons with automatic order fulfillment is possible with an additional server setup fee. This will automatically send customers an email that inlcudes download links that expire in 5 days. Contact us for more details.


  • The colors and photos in the Downloader can match the look of your site.
  • The Downloader runs on your site and does not pull from another site.
  • You can choose to release in just MP3, or add other audio formats like Flac, Wav or Aiff.
  • Your fans can buy the song and then choose any format they like for the one price. We will put multi-buttons on the same page.
  • Or you can order extra Passcode Song Downloader pages for only $75 more. This gives you different passcodes for each audio format. The passcode to download the song in MP3 won't work to download the Flac version. This is good if you want to set higher prices for Flac downloads. Master quality Flac downloads usually go for $1.95 per song.

    • How exactly do these multi formats work?

      Say you have a 10 song CD. You want your fans to pay once and be able to download either [MP3] or [Flac] for each song. When you order the songs converted to both formats and one Downloader, we will set it to have both buttons available for each song. The same passcode works for either format of the song.

      Multi-buttons - Both audio versions with one passcode

      Click to enlarge

    Or you can order an extra Passcode Song Downloader page ($75) for Flac audio. On the MP3 page, songs can be $1.25 and on the Flac page they could be $1.95. The download passcode for the song in MP3 will be different from the download passcode for the song in Flac.

    This lets you set a higher price for the better quality version of your songs. You will get more stickers and each sticker will state MP3 or Flac and automatically direct your fan to he right page to download either format.

    Multi-pages - Audio versions have separate pricing and passcodes

      Click to enlarge

When does it make sense to use the Passcode Song Downloader?

  • The cost of the setup can be paid off with about 40 to 50 sales of a 12 song collection.
  • If you expect to sell, at least, 100 CD's for each album, you can expect a 50% share of your profits when you reach the 100 sale mark.
  • Sales above and beyond are much more in your favor. This does not exist elsewhere online. Why?... because all other sites take a percentage of your sales. The Passcode Song Downloader does not!

    Sales Example #1

    Let's take the large Passcode Song Downloader package, with no extras. The Profit Percentage column shows what the profits you keep, after the cost of the Downloader.

    At $12.50 per download, the Passcode Song Downloader beats Amazon at 60 unit sales and up.

    That's right! It's not a typo. If you sell 2000 song collections with the Passcode Song Downloader, you will earn $13,330 more than selling the same amount on Amazon.

    (Configure your own Passcode Song Downloader and see your profits with the Profit Calculator page.)

    Passcode Song Downloader package - 14 songs - at $450
    You charge $12.50 per collection download
    Collection Sales Your total profits Profit percentage
    (Sales minus cost of Downloader)
    Compare profits:
    Smashpen earns this much more than Amazon's MP3 sales.
    50 $175 28% $-76
    100 $800 64% $268
    200 $2,050 82% $955
    300 $3,300 88% $1,643
    400 $4,550 91% $2,330
    500 $5,800 93% $3,017
    1000 $12,050 96% $6,455
    1500 $18,300 97% $9,892
    2000 $24,550 98% $13,330

    Sales Example #2

    Let's take a more expensive package and sell the collection for less money and see what happens.

    Passcode Song Downloader still wins over Amazon, once you hit 170 unit sales.

    Passcode Song Downloader package - 14 songs
    plus extras at $900. You charge only $9.00 per collection download
    Collection Sales Your total profits Profit percentage
    (Sales minus cost of Downloader)
    Compare profits:
    Smashpen earns this much more than Amazon's MP3 sales
    100 Break even 0% $-375
    200 $900 50% $120
    300 $1,800 67% $615
    400 $2,700 75% $1,110
    500 $3,600 80% $1,605
    1000 $8,100 90% $4,080
    1500 $12,600 93% $6,555
    2000 $17,100 95% $9,030

    Sales Example #3

    Let's do individual songs sales at $0.85 each. Single songs sell more often online. In this example, you would break even at 706 song sales.

    Amazon does win for total sales under 1250 songs, but it loses after that because Amazon always take 56% of your profits. Passcode Song Downloader takes 0%. See how quickly your profit percentage grows with our Downloader.

    Also remember that the Passcode Song Downloader stays on your own website and there is no monthly fee like other online sales. Other sites monthly fees can eat into your profits. You don't have to worry about that with the Passcode Song Downloader.

    Passcode Song Downloader package - 14 songs
    plus extras at $600. You charge only $0.85 per song.
    Song Sales Your total profits Profit percentage
    (Sales minus cost of Downloader)
    Compare profits:
    Smashpen earns this much more than Amazon's MP3 sales
    500 -$175 -41% -$336
    706 Break even 0% -$240
    1000 $250 29% -$103
    1500 $675 53% $131
    2000 $1,100 65% $365
    2500 $1,525 72% $599
    3000 $1,950 76% $832
    3500 $2,375 72% $1,066
    4000 $2,800 82% $1,300
    4500 $3,225 84% $1,534
      Comparison based on Ryan Olbe's Amazon Calculator

    Let's quickly look at the least expensive option. If you took just the package of 8 songs at $365, without extras, and sold your songs at $0.85 each, your break even point to pay off the Song Passcode Downloader would be 430 downloads.

    Test your profit margins for yourself. You can choose your options on the Profit Calculator page and see how your sales profits compare with ITunes, Amazon and BandCamp.


  • At ITunes, it has been reported that artists get 12% of the sale, no matter how many are sold. Ars Technica Story
  • What about CDBaby, MySpace Music, Tunecore, Napster? These are aggregators who process the sale through ITunes or Amazon. They can advertise that you get 100% royalities but that is after monthly fees, payment transaction costs, low balance penalties, payments to ITunes or Amazon. 100% royalities is not all of the money. Passcode Song Downloader gives you 100% of the money after the Downloader setup fee. You then get really 100% profit. Also with downloads there is no CD replication, packaging and warehouse fees?
  • Did you know that online sales for single tracks are now nearly 50% of total music sales and climbing by 9% per year? See the Nielsen - 2009 U.S. Music Purchases report

Hidden costs?

  • Bandwidth is paid by you for previews and song downloads. Many sites that cost $6 / month do not have bandwidth limits. Details will vary, depending on your host.
  • Web hosts need to have SSH access account. If your host does not provide this type of account, you can find recommended hosts and reviews here.
  • If you want to print stickers, you need a printer and buy the blank sticker sheets.
  • There are no server application fees unless you order the Pay-Pal automation. The extra MySql dbase may add $1 a month on some hosts. Normal Pay-Pal buttons use no additional server apps.
  • If you ever move your web site to another server, any Unix professional can make a complete and accurate backup of all files. They need to only watch for a couple of issues, which we will be happy to explain. Since there is no backend dbase or service running on the server, it should be easy to transfer everything to the new site and it should start working immediately. Smashpen maintains a back-up copy and can reinstall for an hourly fee.
  • Passcodes can expire and be refreshed with new passcodes, at your preference, for an hourly fee.
  • Once the setup cost is paid, all the profits from sales are yours!

Click to enlarge

Sell your songs to your fans after a concert. Sell your songs or entire collections with stickers that have access and passcodes. When you sell the stickers, you can put them on your promo cards for your band.

Your fans can also pay you in any method, check, PayPal, Credit Card, whatever you have setup. Then you can just email them the passcodes.

Click to enlarge

Your customers go online to your own web site, find the album and song list, enter the correct passcode and download your music.