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Motion Graphics / Menus for DVD & blu-ray pop-up menus

  • DVD Static and Motion Menus
  • Music DVD's
  • Extra menus
  • blu-ray customized pop-up features
  • Easter Eggs
  • Advanced navigation
  • Motion Transitions
  • 3D fly through Menus - Maya
  • Talent Bios
  • Slideshows with music and zoom
  • Blooper Reel
  • Interviews
  • Setup - Languages
  • Subtitles
  • Alternate Audio - Director's comments

 DVD Demo reel - click to watch
  • DVD's can have motion or static menus.
  • Motion menus use video loops.
  • Blu-ray uses pop-up menus and can be BDMV or the more advanced BD-J (Java) which allows for more customization.
  • Motion Graphics for Post Production can be have any 3D or montage effects with additional layers for title sequences.
  • Produce Release has experience in all these levels.