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Sub menus - Chapters / Scene Sequence, Audio / sub-title setup, Special Features, others.

Typical Sub Menu videos are:

High budget DVD

1. Chapter motion sub menus (also known as Scene Selection menus)

  • Buttons may roll into place or otherwise appear, but not do so when the menu is repeated. Content may be composited from original film or video.
  • Buttons may roll into place or otherwise appear, but not do so when the menu is repeated. Content may be original 2D or 3D animation pertaining to film content.

2. Audio and Sub title setup motion menu.

  • Same options as #1 above.
  • Selctions for dubbed and subtitled versions.
  • Selections for alternate audio tracks, such as:
  • Alternate Audio types - Dolby Surround, Dolby 5.1, DTS, Sony Digital SDDS, THX, MPEG Surround, Stereo, PCM uncompressed stereo
  • Director's commentary
  • Dubbed versions
  • Audio for the visual impared viewer (descriptive audio of events not covered with dialogue)
  • Turn on or off special information icon. A special sub-picture icon can be set to appear in scenes where alternate audio or video documentary material may be accessed to explain how a scene was made, show a script page of this scene or go directly to some alternate video material relating to the scene. This is done more often than you think. "The Matrix" has this.
  • MPAA version playback options. A "R" film may be set to play back as a PG rated version by automatically skipping over selected scenes or parts of scenes.This does not require two different versions of the film to be encoded but rather uses branching commands that jump over scenes.

3. Special Features motion menu.

  • Same options as #1 above.
  • Typical list of Special Features include:
  • Film Trailer of title film and other films from same distributor.
  • Interview video
  • "The Making of" video
  • Actor and talent bios
  • Set design
  • Special Effects
  • Production Stills
  • Original Script / story development notes
  • Maps of locations used
  • Costumes
  • Notes on Music
  • Info page for Distributor - how to order more copies
  • Info page for DVD-ROM content
  • Out-takes or deleted scenes
  • Easter Egg - Special hidden extras which are usually extra interviews, amusing outtakes, comedic bits

Middle budget DVD

  • Stock footage chapter motion sub menu.
  • Smaller selection of features mentioned above.

Lower budget DVD

  • Still menus with composited images from main content film or video with static buttons.
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