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DVD Button Options

DVD Button Options

Button Options

  • Buttons may highlight links, photos or small video clips within the menu.
  • Highlights may appear to be on top or below menu graphics in any combination.
  • Buttons should not overlap.
  • The buttons and highlights may appear to move into the frame during the first play section of a menu, but the buttons will only become active in a set position.
  • Button highlight colors may change from menu to menu, with a total of 4 sets of highlight color schemes normally per disk.Each scheme has three colors: not selected, selected, activated.It is possible to go to more color schemes by creating new Video Title Sets,(VTS).
  • Highlights of buttons may also include added textures, simulated lighting highlights, reverse effects, etc.
  • Simulated animated buttons when selected are possible only by creating multiple menus, a different menu for each button.The cost is high and that's why you don't see this much. The highlights of the button cannot animate.
  • The choice of highlighting the next button or any other button is possible when returning to a menu from any some other content.
  • Button navigation is selectable and controlled per menu.Choices are Up, Down, Left and Right, rolling from top back to the bottom, left off screen back to right or not.Button navigation can also be turned on or off depending at what point the motion menu is at.For example down can not work from one link until 30 seconds into the menu, when an Easter Egg appears.Then the down button can start to work.
  • Some buttons like an arrow to the next screen can be set to not require the user to press select.It can activate and go to the next screen when the user presses the an arrow on the remote.

Can Menus automatically time out?

  • Each menu, still or motion can be timed out after x number of seconds.The end link can be aimed at any content on the DVD.The time out can be set to match the end of a music, end of the motion menu and then go to the next motion menu and so on.In this way it is possible to let the DVD play and it can automatically go to a selection or all menus in turn.It can also eventually start the movie.
  • Time out options are also useful in game design or instructional course options.

What about random play and hidden codes?

  • Random play or numbered play lists are available and can be set to any link.These can be used to play all content without going through the menu.A selected order or a random order that plays once through but changes the next time are both possible.
  • Hidden selections using numbers on the remote control are possible from any menu.These are often used as shortcuts to hidden materials.