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DVD Audio

DVD Audio

Audio Sources

Correct surround sound comes from 6 discreet audio tracks.There are sound studios who will extract additional tracks from a stereo recording.Visionary Productions only accepts discrete audio tracks for surround sound productions.

Types of audio sources

  • Music
  • Dialogue
  • Background effects and atmosphere audio
  • Back channels recorded in sync with front channels
  • Center channel

Many cameras and VTR decks offer multitrack audio recording.This is the base to work from in creating a proper surround sound mix.A sound design engineer is required to mix surround sound from individual tracks so the end result highlights audio and music to match the feel of the production.

DVD Audio types

  • Multiple tracks of mixed formats are possible and are often included in movie DVDs.
  • Alternate audio foreign translation most major languages available
  • High quality DVD–Audio players 96 KHz 24 bit stereo. Still available but has not been popular.
  • Types of audio formats available for the main soundtrack
  • PCM Stereo(1536 Kbs)(highest quality stereouses a lot of space. Usually only used for concerts.)
  • Dolby Stereo(384 Kbs)(excellent quality stereo)
  • Dolby Surround 5.1(448 Kbs)(excellent quality surround sound)
  • DTS 6 channel(1536 Kbs)(competitive surround sound used often for large action films and takes up much more space than Dolby.)