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Custom Web Design

Web Features

Personal, Business, Advanced Web sites

button Advanced 2.0 Web design

Song Downloader Example #1

Eyes of Ixchel - Soundtrack

button Song Downloader for Composers

Song Downloader Example #2

Caribbean beat - Sunsation

button Song Downloader for Artists

Web Design

CSS, PHP, Javascript, Audio / Video

button Front end programming

Video media site Livedigital page #1

Alizee - Fifty Sixty

button Livedigital

Video media site Livedigital page #2

Sererbo - Dirty Kiss

button Livedigitial

Custom Video player upgrade

Flash video, PHP, CSS, Javascript

button social media videos

Blu-ray Authoring

Production costs

button blu-ray authoring

Blu-ray & DVD Sales

What is the state of the blu-ray market?

button blu-ray market

DVD menu types

Extras and options for DVD authoring

button DVD Authoring

Web on Disc options

Add a website to your DVD or blu-ray

button Web tools for DVD

Song Passcodes Demo

Preview, sell downloads MP3 music online

button Sell MP3 on your website

HD audio with Flac

Highest quality audio for your songs

button Sell Flac on your website


Examples - Press and Fashion

button Press and Fashion Photography from Paris, London and Athens


Classes available, Office, Dbase, Web

button Training Computer classes

Band site example

George Grosman

George Grosman Swing Guitar button

Artist site example

Egeli Gallery

Arthur Egeli Impressionist Artist Cape Cod button



James Shuster Bio button

Blu-ray vs. DVD resolution

Compared - What's really the difference?

blu-ray versus DVD compared button

SGC Astronomy

Interstellar Navigation Project

Interstellar Navigator Mission Profiler button

Custom design or Wordpress, Joomla

SEO and Google Ads

LAMP stack

Audio Video features - Flash & HTML5

Secure website against attacks

Traffic monitoring

Multivariate testing

JQuery animation

3D simulations

Remote management

eCommerce Shopping Carts

PayPal, Credit, BitCoin

Social Media integration

Distributed Networks integration

Quality Assurance, cross browser, responsive design

Domain management

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