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Types of DVD Motion Menus

  • Opening sequence (First Play) - plays once when DVD is inserted ( 3 - 30 sec.) more info

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  • Main menu - follows opening sequence. A seamless transition is possible. (45 - 90 sec.) more info
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  • Sub menus Chapters / Scene Sequence, Audio / sub-title setup, Special Features, others. ( 30 - 60 sec.) more info

  • Transitions: going in and out from menus &games. No buttons at all or buttons used only at the end of the transition.  It is possible to use one transition to go in and a different one to go out of a sub-menu or game. ( 3 - 10 sec.) more info
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  • DVD-Extras for computer viewing: Multimedia or webpage access to extra features available only with a computer DVD drive.

  • Sample screen shots:

    Types of Original Content

  • Stock footage: Use video clips from a stock footage library to make an exciting, moving background behind the titles and menu buttons. The end result may use a single moving background video or several composited (mixed together) shots to create a layer of moving images similar to openings for news and sports shows. The stock footage may be real life video or computer generated 3D backgrounds. more info
  • 3D animation background from Digital Juice

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  • Client Content re-edited: Custom composited video, stills, titles and effects from the content of the main feature on the DVD. more info
  • After Effects: Motion graphics and visual effects in a 2D or 3D compositing environment.
  • Client Content re-edited

    After Effects image

    After Effects

    After Effects image

  • New custom content: Original animated sequence in 2D or 3D. more info
  • 3D animation world with inserted video clips

    3d CGI sample

    3D tumbling titles

    3D CGI title sample